“You cannot find elite on the street, you must forge them”

Michele Brissoni

Michele Brissoni

Founder, BriX Consulting

Who we are?

With a passion for excellence nurtured since childhood and a professional career spanning back to 1997, we have witnessed and adapted to the disruptive events that have shaped the IT landscape. We embody an open and positive mindset, consistently aiming for elite results.
Our founder, a seasoned Information Technology Consultant, is not just an IT geek but a specialist in various domains including Agile, Extreme Programming, TDD, BDD, DDD, DevOps, LeanUX, and DesignOps. By integrating expertise with a revolutionary dojo format based on the DORA model and enriched with neuroscience and behavioral psychology, we offer a transformative experience.

Our mission

Our mission at BriX Consulting is to empower organizations to ascend to the pinnacle of excellence in the business realm. By fostering transparency, consistency, and the exchange of expert craftsmanship, we aim to facilitate the transformation of your team and company into modern unicorns 🦄. Dedicated to navigating the dynamic industry, embracing innovation, and achieving unprecedented success, we combine years of IT experience with innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies.

What elite looks like


Average client satisfaction


More productive teams


Fewer production issues


Faster software delivery

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Our Office Culture

We are a remote team around the globe. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have an office - a very cool remote one.

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