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Organization Assessment

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, understanding the health of your organization is paramount. With BriX Consulting’s Transformational Assessment Solutions, gain crucial insights to navigate challenges and drive strategic evolution. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional methodologies, leveraging industry-standard models and cutting-edge frameworks. By incorporating insights from neuroscience and behavioral psychology, we provide comprehensive evaluations tailored to your unique needs. Avoid burnout and failures by taking proactive steps based on precise data and insights. Partner with us to unlock your organization’s full potential and achieve sustained success in the dynamic digital age.

Flow Framework

At our foundation lies a philosophy aligned with the Flow Framework , a compass steering you away from traditional approaches towards a product-focused mindset. This shift is pivotal in optimizing value delivery, expediting iterations, and nurturing a user-centric culture.

DORA assessment at scale

Inspired by the DORA model , our team assessments pinpoint operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies within your organization’s business flow. This data-driven approach empowers targeted strategies for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Individual Potential

Incorporating the DASA Competency framework , our assessment dives deep into individual skill sets, aligning with technical markers from the SW Craftsmanship dojo® coding assessment. This ensures your teams possess essential capabilities crucial for Agile and DevOps success.

Neuro-Behavioral Insights

Expanding beyond conventional approaches like Ron Westrum’s Organizational Model , we employ our revolutionary KBIs model, encompassing over 100 Key Behavioral Indicators to analyze your social environment and culture. This ensures a thorough evaluation, offering crucial insights to customize a roadmap aligned with your organization’s unique culture and aspirations.

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