Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other consultancies?

Brix Consulting differentiates itself through a holistic approach to digital transformation, blending over 20 years of rigorous research and practical application across diverse industries and company sizes, from startups to tech giants. Our unique methodology incorporates elements of neuroscience and behavioral psychology, ensuring a human-centric approach to change and innovation. This deep, research-based foundation and focus on both the technological and human aspects of transformation set us apart.

How can I know which service I need?

Determining the right service begins with understanding with you your organization’s specific challenges and goals. We recommend starting with a consultation session where our experts can assess your needs, discuss your strategic objectives, and recommend the most suitable service(s) from our ecosystem that aligns with your transformation journey. Book an appointment now.

Can you tailor-fit your services to my company?

Based on our research and experience, it’s essential to tailor-fit digital transformations. Every company is unique and what works for one, won’t necessarily work for others. By considering your specific challenges, industry requirements, and organizational culture, we customize our services to provide the most effective and impactful solutions.

Are the services built on each other?

Our services can be standalone or integrated, depending on your needs and goals. Some clients may benefit from a singular focus, such as enhancing technical skills or adopting OKR methodologies, while others may require a more comprehensive transformation that leverages multiple services. We can guide you on how these services can be interconnected for a cohesive transformation strategy. Book an appointment to see how our ecosystem fits your transformational needs.

How much will it cost?

The cost of our services varies based on your needs. We strive for transparency and will provide a detailed proposal after understanding your goals. This proposal will outline the costs associated with our services tailored to your organization’s specific challenges of digital transformation.

Can I get a discount for purchasing multiple services?

We value long-term partnerships and are open to discussing pricing packages for clients interested in multiple services. Our goal is to ensure that our partnership delivers significant value and supports your transformation journey effectively.

How much time will it take?

The timeline for your digital transformation can vary due to its complexity. While the framework constitutes only 20% of the challenge, the remaining 80% revolves around the evolution of your company’s culture. This evolution depends on how quickly your organization can unlearn old habits and embrace new ones. After our consultation, we’ll provide a customized timeline reflecting your goals and deliverables, ensuring a journey of growth and innovation. Together.

Can I benefit from your services as an individual?

While our primary focus is on organizational transformations, individuals interested in enhancing their skills or understanding of our methodologies may benefit from certain workshops or training sessions. Contact us to discuss how we can support your individual growth.

Can I join your team?

Brix Consulting is always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team . If you are committed to driving digital transformation and have expertise in our areas of focus, we encourage you to reach out with your resume and a cover letter detailing how you believe you can contribute to our mission.